Real Estate Copywriters - Pineapple Prose - Jen Milligan and Bec Wattam

Jen Milligan & Bec Wattam

School social nights aren’t usually the inspiration for great business ideas, but Pineapple Prose copywriting was born on one such evening.

About Pineapple Prose Copywriting

Experienced real estate copywriters, based in Melbourne

Meeting in 2014 when our youngest children were in Prep, we found a common sense of humour, a desire to start something great and a mutual love of the written word. Bringing together backgrounds in journalism & marketing, along with extensive travel experience between us, our broad horizons and “can do” attitude have allowed Pineapple to flourish. Now, thousands of properties later, we have seen it all – from the flawless to the floorless and from breathtaking homes to properties that leave you gasping for air, we can see the appeal and potential in them all.

Boasting a broad base of Real Estate clients, we are able to provide both onsite and remote (sight unseen) copywriting services; in every instance capturing the essence of the property, whetting the appetite of the target market and creating an emotional connection so that buyers are compelled to want to walk through that door. Property purchases represent the biggest transactions most of us will ever make, so whether buyers are searching for their treasured first home, upsizing to welcome children or sealing the deal on that “Forever Home”, Pineapple Prose will connect the script with the images to make your listing stand out from its rivals.

Proud to be able to offer unlimited revisions and a quick-turnaround, we never expect our clients to spend a moment on our work – if it is not perfect send it back. And with two of us working full time, we are able to offer greater availability, increased flexibility & more variety – on top of that, two sets of eyes will proofread the final work.

Established, experienced and enthusiastic, we simply love the job that many of you hate – hand it to us and taste the Pineapple difference.